One of my most favorite places that I love to visit, while I am running one of my spiritual retreats here in Israel, is the town of Nazareth. Today this city has around 78,000 people living in it. In the time of Yeshua depending on who you listen to it had

Successful Obscurity

Over the last three months I have come to understand that much of what I thought was me following Jesus was actually him following me. In today’s podcast I explore the difference between being a functional and a dysfunctional follower of Christ. In this raw and uncensored episode I share […]

Are You Leading Or Following Jesus?

Today I cover a topic that has been part of my journey which the “pay as you go” identity syndrome which all of us are infected with in this life. In today’s podcast I explore the importance of belonging as this is what helps us to understand who are. Clearly […]

Pay As You Go Identity