Have You Ever Spoken Gods Language?

So often in life we strive and are so consumed with figuring God out that our urgency and anxiety actually causes us to miss him. For example over the years I have spent many my quiet times in the mornings doing anything and everything but being quiet. During these times my prayers have been noble…

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Finding Life in The Desert Of Our Journey

The Israelites left Egypt where they were slaves for several hundred years. As they came out to the desert God waited for them longing to woo them much the same way that a man woos a woman during courtship. Things unfortunately started to go South very quickly when the Israelites did what most us normally…

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Our We Fixing or Creating Something New With Our Lives?

When we live a life that draws its energy and validation from the quality of our ongoing performance it is very likely that we will spend most if not all of our time fixing problems instead of creating something new.

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