There is More to WiFi than You Think…

People often ask me what is it like when you live from the heart. What happens in your life? How is it different from a life that is not lived primarily from this place where the Bible says real life begins?

If I am honest I have been asking Dad to give me a picture to explain this so that all of us could practically understand the stunning difference it makes when we choose to primarily see, hear, and process life through the heart.

Well I am very pleased to tell you that in a recent trip to China my eyes were opened to see a picture that I feel represents this reality very well. As I arrived in the beautiful Far East I turned my mobile phone on to see what I had missed while being suspended in the air inside a metal tube for over ten hours. No sooner had I turned on the phone that I began to realise that though the phone was on I had no access to the internet which meant that my smartphone was now just a regular basic phone that could only make and receive calls and from time to time send and receive normal SMS messages.

When we arrived at the hotel this all changed very quickly. You see, I was given the great news that the hotel was happy to provide for me a free connection to their super fast internet system. Naturally I wasted no time and connected to what all of us today know as wifi and suddenly as I did this the phone came alive. Messages, notifications, and other forms of communication and access were granted to me. It was as if a part that was dormant within the phone had been suddenly resurrected and it totally transformed a basic phone into a smart phone, as the sudden connection allowed it to operate in a complete different dimension thus enabling the phone to tap and function at its full potential.

The same is with us.

You see the phone was capable all along and it already had within everything it required to function like this yet because it was not connected to a wifi terminal it meant that within it remained disconnected from that part of it where it was able to receive and process in this new dimension. When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus this is exactly what he was trying to communicate to him and at the same time to everyone of us.

I paraphrase – “Within you in your heart you have the Kingdom of Heaven that gives you the capability to see, hear, and process the truth. From there you will be able to see who I am in you and who you are in me. You will be able to not only receive my love and affirmation but you will also be able to give it to others in the same way I am giving it to you. ¬†This disconnection within you that led you to believe the illusion that I was separated from you and I was not a part of you will disappear. As this happens the illusion that has led you to also think that I am not pleased with you nor a part of you until you put your hand up and do what I say will also evaporate almost instantaneously. As this happens you will also suddenly (like the phone) be able to experience in real time my unconditional grace, love, and the very identity of who I am in you and you are in me.”

“You see Nicodemus, (and the rest of us), I need to reconnect you to this part within you as spiritually you are asleep (dead). And when I do suddenly, (like the wifi did with the phone), you will be able to see, hear, process, and understand a completely new dimension that before though you were capable of seeing, hearing, processing, and understanding you could not as you were using the wrong part of you to try and see it which is your mind (flesh and blood) where you see everything in separation.

Jesus, like the wifi to the phone, breathes life into our spirit which reconnects us back to our hearts from where we can suddenly see the whole picture so we can understand that the only disconnection (separation) that took place within the Garden of Eden was not between God and us but within ourselves. And just in case you are wondering what the blood of Christ was for, it was to cleanse and take away the sin that keep us addicted to the blinding false illusion that stops us from seeing all that I have just shared with you.¬†Always remember that Jesus didn’t come to tell us how life ended. He came to tell us how it begun.

Welcome to the reality of real grace. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!


Photo by Flor Aldea

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