What Was The Precious Blood of Yeshua Really For?

A few weeks ago I shared my meditations about the illusion of separation so many of us still believe existed at one point between God and us. This week I would like to expand on this matter by sharing about the precious blood of Yeshua and what I have come to understand it was for thus far.

I would like to start by asking that if there was indeed a debt that had to be paid then who was this debt owed to?

In my understanding a debt is something that needs to be paid back to the rightful and original owner. In other words somewhere along the line someone either borrowed or took something that belonged to someone else and therefore this had to be paid for. The fact that it was not paid for in full means that a debt is outstanding and therefore ownership cannot be transferred until the bill is paid in full. Seeing that God never once asks us to pay anything back to him, even though he could, one would have to assume that this debt was owed to the enemy. Yet if this was the case it unfortunately presents us with a problem. You see if we really believe that something was owed to the enemy then we must also believe that we originally came from the enemy and he was the one that created us and sustained us which clearly as we all know has never been the case.

So the question remains – to whom was this debt owed to?

On the other hand a ransom is given, not paid, as nothing is being purchased nor taken that didn’t originally belong to the one doing the giving in the first place. This ransom normally secures the freedom of one or more people that have been kidnapped and taken captive and are presumed lost. This is done as the prisoners are unable to meet the demands to secure their own freedom as they don’t have access to the means to do so. In this case ownership has not been lost. What is lost is the ability of the prisoner to tangibly relate with the owner. The captor normally takes advantage, while the situation lasts, by wounding the prisoner so that any feeling of belonging can be eroded. ┬áHis aim is to make him feel abandoned and separated from where he comes from. Yet no matter how hard he tries this can never be done as belonging goes far deeper than a geographical position. Is important to also note that in the natural a ransom is given to physically reunite a person or persons back with their families or homes and not to give them a new identity or status. Therefore, with all this in mind consider with me that Yeshua and his precious blood were given as a ransom in the spiritual realm in order to re-establish in and for us the ability to see our real and original home (The kingdom) which Yeshua said was within our hearts. And not to somehow regain our divine DNA or the omni presence of our Father in our lives for that matter.

The precious blood of Yeshua was necessary to deactivate the addictive and blinding power that sin had over our lives. Yeshua shed his blood so God could get to us in the way that humanity failed to get to him through all the blood sacrifices it did throughout history until the day of Christ. The blood of animals was to manage sin whereas the blood of Yeshua was to permanently disable and destroy the power of sin. The first system was based on temporary mercy that had people going around in circles. Each year they would return to the temple where they would have to sacrifice once again to keep them going around. The way of Christ was based on eternal grace which meant that the circle sustained by mercy was no longer necessary as our freedom from sin was now final and nothing could add or ever make it more complete.

Furthermore consider that Yeshua never once said that he had come to pay a debt yet he did mention several times that he had come to be a ransom for many. Consider that through the cross Yeshua exposed the real heart behind the principalities and powers by showing them up and parading them naked. Consider also that he exposed the lie that they had successfully propagated amongst humanity about who God was and what his character and personality really were. Also consider that he made a way for us to be able to see the true nature of our God and what made his heart beat – A God of love that would go to the extent of sacrificing himself in order to give us the ability to see that he has always been with us loving us like no one else can. This is why today more than ever I see this whole event as the pursuit of a lover desperate to free his bride so that she may have the opportunity to understand who she is, her importance, and how much she is loved by him. Even if there was a huge chance that she would reject what he was freely showing her.

Wow – What a God – What a Lover!

Finally consider that when Yeshua died on the cross nothing “changed” as far as God was concerned and the way he felt about us and his position in our lives. What really changed was that what once was held captive now had the chance to see the truth (God) that would set it free to be and live the life, in Christ, that God had always planned before the beginning of time.

Remember – If there was ever a debt that needed to be paid it was with ourselves caused by the old age problem where we often “bite” more than we can afford to eat.



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