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“YAH” is one of the most ancient names for YAHAUAH ELOHIYM that exists.

But this shall be the covenant that I will cut with the את eth-house of Yashar’el; After those days, says YAHUAH, I will put את eth-my Torah in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their ELOHIYM, and they shall be my people. YIRMEYAHU (JEREMIAH) 31:33 Eth

The Hidden Name of The Creator in Your DNA – The DNA is composed of 4 elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, when put together form Y-H-W-G. Carbon is what makes us physical and earthly beings. When carbon is replaced with nitrogen, we have all colorless, odorless, and invisible gases! They form the letters Y-H-W-H which is the name of YAHUAH.

As you have read the picture above is the DNA breakdown of humans. Coincidence?

When I sat down to write The Modern Fig Leaf I realized that I was stepping out into unknown territory that had the potential to alienate me from some people. Not because it was wrong or false but because it was something that required faith to believe it and see it as there was nothing any of us could do to earn it. For this reason I was very clear with God that if he wanted this written and published then he was going to have to find the publisher somehow as I was not about to start approaching people all over America begging for them to get this book out. Surprisingly, I sensed an agreement from Dad that he was good with that and would be more than happy to find the adequate party to do the publishing if I wrote it.

Once this was cleared I sat down and wrote non stop as I traced back through all the revelations God had shown me for 7 years up until that point. Slowly I typed onto the screen of my Mac each exchange we had had and what was revealed. The book was completed in a little over two weeks. Once finished the unedited version was placed on my desk. 

Unbeknown to me, while this was happening in Tel Aviv, back in Pennsylvania a friend of mine was working with the owner of a publishing company for the second time. The first time he had given him a copy of my first book Holding On Loosely to read which he loved. On the second visit to my friend he asked after me as he loved what I had shared and wanted to publish a book for me. My friend gave him my details and four days after I had put the manuscript of The Modern Fig Leaf on my desk I received an email from someone in none other than Destiny Image Publishers. The rest as they say is history.  

The Modern Fig Leaf has already touched thousands around the world as they have been led into a new space of rest and discovery about their true identities in Christ. Identities that are not based on successful high performance spirituality but instead rest on the reality of God’s spiritual DNA which he shares with all of us and the finished work of Christ. Yesterday a good ally of mine shared the above picture and text from the scientific community with me which of course gives a huge affirmation what up until now, in spite of the popularity it has gained, has been a somewhat lonely message to carry.

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