Our Mission

The Zone Project

Most believers we meet along the way express a deep discontent within themselves when they finally decide to be honest and owe up to what they really feel within them. It is true that many proclaim a thriving faith and experience yet when the lights go out they are left wondering when their experience will match their public claims. I know this experience well and personally as I lived this way for over a decade.

As I began to ask some hard questions about life, God, and the faith I proclaimed I was led on an amazing journey by the God who longs for all of us to experience him in a real time and way. Not only through sermons, texts, or podcasts but right here and right now within our own lives.

During my journey as a professional tennis coach and a spiritual pilgrim on the lonely world stage I was led to discover this place that each of us has within us called our hearts. I discovered that this was the place Jesus was all along pointing to when he continuously shared where His Kingdom was to be found and enjoyed. This Zone within us I discovered is a place that cannot be accessed through good ideas, clever formulas, or even our accomplishments as all of those were never designed with the ability to usher us into this place. We can pray, fast, and even read four chapters of the bible each day and yet not experience this place within us.

I began to understand that like in high performance sports we cannot approach this place with our minds or our outward man. This place is only accessed by entering our hearts and remaining there. Unfortunately most of us have spoken about the heart, heard others speak about it too, yet very few of us understand what it means to live from it and even fewer of us appear to do so.

Much has been said about the heart which is not true and most of what has been said has caused the heart to be seen as an unauthorized point of entry. This is largely because the heart is a place where control and manipulation don’t work. It is a place where we are encouraged to live free, take risks, and trust 100%. Yes we all say we subscribe to these principles, yet sadly most of our approaches to the way we live tell a different experience and story.

My journey has been all about the above. You see, I have gone through most, if not all of these flawed systems that promise so much but deliver very little if anything at all. Through my questions and searchings I discovered this place within where life takes a full new meaning and where each and every day one wakes up, one finally begins to understand that they are unconditionally loved and accepted not matter what.

These discoveries have revolutionized my life, my walk with God, but most importantly have opened my eyes to the truth that Jesus said would set me free. Like in sports I reached this place the day I finally was ready to let go of everything I had relied on to make it through life and into heaven. As I did this I suddenly entered into a place where I was invited to consider that there could be another way.

This place is what I have come to call The Zone. I believe daily every one is invited into this neutral place where they can enter and remain without any expectations or results being placed upon them. However most of us do not hear the call from within as we are too busy trying to make it work outside.

Therefore, my mission through The Zone project is to help people hear this call and help them understand that all their efforts and good intentions are actually the ones responsible from drowning the small still voice of life that calls them from within.

My mission and role through The Zone Project is not one of a Captain or Commander calling the soldiers of the army of God into order, but instead one of an Ambassador called to invite and usher the lovers of God into The Zone of their hearts, where they have a chance to finally see and experience a life filled with the unconditional love, freedom, and acceptance we all long and look so hard and so much for.

The Zone Project expresses the mission and role through the following three main vehicles of expression. First through speaking events and opportunities where I am invited to introduce and share the discoveries I have made. Second through my writings in the form of a regular blog, articles, as well as the best selling book Holding On Loosely and others to follow. Third through one to one and corporate coaching to everyone who looks for a compassionate and understanding companion to walk with them, encourage them, and help them to face the difficult parts they will encounter within themselves as they journey into their new hearts.