The main message of Jesus centered around the announcement that the Kingdom of Heaven was here and it was within us.

His approach was simple and based on facts that invited people to search further into what he was saying. Jesus understood that people needed to undertake a journey so they would be able to see how they were loved and how special they already were. He used the simple things in life to communicate and relate to people and made the truth accessible and easy to understand whether it was a child or a fully grown person.

My approach to speaking is very much the same. I aim in every opportunity that I am given to present the truth the way Jesus did with the same aim he had which was not to gain converts but to set people on a journey that would eventually lead them to the truth that is responsible for setting them free. It is interesting that when Jesus spoke people began to follow him. It doesn’t say that they were converted or immediately transformed implying that following him meant a journey had began and in time the transformation would take place. I too encourage this individual journey to those I have the opportunity to connect with.

I believe the main reason that people are asleep to the truth that lies within them is mainly because they have believed the lie that to be part of Gods family you have to somehow make a certain grade or incorporate a certain lifestyle whose expectations are simply impossible. My aim is to challenge this illusion and present a different reality. A reality where the only transformation that needs to take place is the ability of the individual to be able to see things as they truly are already and not as they think they are.

I aim to do this by encouraging people to make a connection with their hearts and not their minds to the reality of the God within them that is fused together with them and has made their real self in his image. My talks are all heart inspired as they are born out of first hand experience and not knowledge that has been accumulated over a number of years.

The lessons I share are relevant and simple to understand for all alike. My international work and world wide travel with Professional Tennis players has also given me the ability to relate and connect with audiences from all backgrounds, creeds, and believes. Like Jesus I aim to adapt and meet people where they are instead of expecting them to elevate themselves to a place they are unable to see or reach.

Typical settings I engage in range from 1-2 day seminars, conferences, Church services, weekend retreats, and mens, ladies, and mixed groups.


Most popular topics I am asked to share

  • Breaking free from performance based religion
  • The way Jesus saw the Church
  • Understanding the spirit and truth Jesus shared with us
  • The three most important words in the Bible: God is Love
  • Wounding and agreements
  • Experiencing abundant life lived out of your new heart
  • Walking in the present reality of God’s kingdom
  • Religion and spirituality
  • The difference between a convert and disciple
  • Overcoming life’s misplaced dependencies for love, worth, and acceptance
  • Stillness under pressure
  • Self observance vs self absorption
  • Control and resignation
  • The heart and the Mind
  • Understanding what it looks like to live in the now
  • How smart do you have to be to know God?
  • Dealing with disillusionment with God
  • Understanding your true identity in God
  • Separating God and Christ from a performance based religion


What Others are Saying…

Bonny Mate

Pablo is full of passion, power, love and sincerity. I was drawn in and fully engaged immediately listening to the message that he was sharing of God’s relational pursuit of our hearts. Not having an earthly Father growing up, I loved being reminded that I do indeed have a “Daddy” who wants to be involved with me daily. Pablo reminded me that I don’t have to “perform” to be accepted, which has freed my mind and heart up to be who God intended me to be.

Bonny Mate

Rick Hartsell

Pablo came to hang out with the men in our area. Whether sitting around the campfire, in the classroom setting, or at our major “on stage” event, Pablo exuded the love and the confidence of Jesus. What I mean by that is he was genuinely able to let us feel the love of Jesus, plus authentic enough to have his own opinions without having to “weigh” every word. I think it is the confidence he has in the simple message of a “daddi” type of love that makes his teaching and speaking incomparable.

Rick Hartsell
Detroit Band of Brothers

John Nesbitt

Pablo is a man transformed by the grace and love of God! His relationship with God reveals what it is like to move from performance to dependence and peace. His message is delivered with passion and authenticity and his engaging speaking draws the listener through transparent honesty into the story of his life, and ultimately to the Father. Pablo is a blessing!

John Nesbitt
Executive Pastor, West Shore Free Evangelical Church, Pennsylvania

Kim Miller

Hearing Pablo share pieces of his journey out of the frustrations and limitations of performance based religion into a space of very real and honest engagement with Father God was, for me, both a refreshing experience of honesty, and a confirmation of the voice that my own heart was speaking. Having come to my own conclusion that all my religious endeavors had done very little to make any real difference in the world, it was wonderful to hear someone sharing similar thoughts, and to witness God releasing him to the body of Christ to say so. In days like these, when perspectives are changing, and loving and relating with God and with others is again finally being considered our first priority as believers, voices like Pablo’s are challenging us to reexamine, to readjust, and to reinvest in living present with God, and in doing so, better represent him to the world He so longs to engage.

Kim Miller
Charlotte, North Carolina

Kevin Miles

Pablo has the unique ability to trust the Father’s heart in any given speaking situation. He delivers a clear and compelling message of God’s grace with tremendous ease. We’ve hosted him two different years and he is a delight to be with and listen to. Pablo shares the Life that he has found in Jesus in such a way that people are drawn to want to know more about Christ and his great love for us. I highly recommend him for your next speaking engagement.

Kevin Miles
Go the Distance Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Darrell Amy

Pablo brings a fresh and authentic perspective to a grace-filled life. Every time I listen to Pablo, I find my faith stretched and my heart encouraged. He puts words to things I’ve felt but not known how to articulate. Maybe what I like best is the way his coaching background shines through as he masterfully guides people to understand what it looks like to walk with God.

Darrell Amy
Leader, Arkansas Band of Brothers