Is Failure An Ally Or A Foe?

Here we are already on episode six of The Zone Project Podcast where I discuss, share, and open up the topic of Failure. As we all know even though we have all experienced it in our lives many times most of us do not understand what it is for and what is meant to happen while we are living through it.

In this sixth episode you will have the chance to hear three main points and discoveries that I believe have helped me to look at failure from a healthy perspective. Why it happens? – Why it feels the way that it does? – Why do so many of us avoid it at all costs? Much of what you will hear was understood during my years of working in an environment that was purely driven by results. A place where your worth was measured by your last victory or loss. So as you can imagine failure was very much an enemy not only to me but also to those I worked with until of course God stepped in and opened my eyes to the truth.

Zone Project PodcastClearly in order to experience these truths we have to become very vulnerable and go through the fences that our ego in our lives is only to happy to build around us. For the only way to understand these truths is to walk into failure and remain there as long as we need to, trusting that God is the one responsible for the results our lives produce. Our role being to only remain present in the moment with him and respond accordingly to whatever is before us. Listening and being attentive instead of talking and demanding a way out as soon as possible.

Once again as you listen please consider sharing this with your friends and family if you feel it has offered value and the contents are likely to make a difference in their lives. Much of what I am doing these days is a direct and intentional attempt to enlarge the base which my work reaches and I am only too aware that this can only happen in part by this work being shared out by friends like yourself.

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Finally once again thank you very much for listening and for your ongoing support with everything I continue to share with everyone out there.


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