The Simple Ways of The Kingdom of Heaven

Over the last 8 years I have written quite a bit. Obviously like everything in life I have progressed over time the more I have written. These days is easier to find ways of communicating what is in my heart, but if I am brutally honest I still struggle with the thought of not being as relevant and convincing as other Authors are out there.

Only the other day as I was meditating on this feeling I felt God whisper into my heart “Pablo keep it simple as it is not your relevance or ability that produces the results. That part is for me to take care of.” I must admit that this took me by surprise as clearly coming from a background of high performance sports I am all for honing our skills on our way to mastering our craft. Yet with God, though hard work and progress is good, it nevertheless appears to be the other way around.

You see for many of us we feel that the more clever and impressive our words and paragraphs are the higher the echelon we have managed to reach and of course the greater degree of respect we will receive from others. Maybe I am the only one that has tried and felt this. Nevertheless if I am honest and I look back at all of my writings it has been the ones that have been simple, concise, and to the point that have managed to make the biggest in roads. Their reach and impact has been nothing short of surprising and so when I consider Gods words to me on this matter they begin to make perfect sense.

If you don’t quite feel this is on point do me a favor and take a look at the Gospels and what Yeshua said. As we all know he often communicated in parables (stories). But have you ever seen the content of these parables? They ranged from a Donkey being stuck in a pit and his owner having to free him to insight of what happens inside every bakery around the world when they make bread. Add to this several lessons in farming, the weather, as well as gardening and you are pretty much there. I don’t know about you but this is just too simple and after all please tell me what exactly is so elevated about these examples and choice of communication.

Where are the theological breakdowns of words? Where are the three insightful points of application? Oh and where was the conclusions? Yep no where to be found. So what exactly are we seeing here. Well let me have a go at this in the most simple way I know how to.

In the Kingdom the text is literal but the meaning is spiritual. What Yeshua said and we read in the Bible is the literal text of what was said and what happened. The true meaning of it and what it is trying to help us to see is only discovered through our hearts as this discovery requires an intimate interaction with the Spirit. Attempting to do it any other way will mean being limited by the limitations of our mind, what materials we are able to get a hold of, and often what language and culture we have been raised in.

Yeshua invited people into a journey of discovery with the way he communicated with others. He knew that those whom were hungry and thirsty would look further. Whereas the ones that weren’t it didnt matter how clever he got they would not. He also showed us that the cleverness of the text and the content was not what opened the eyes but instead the discovery of what and whom were behind the speaking or writing. Clearly we need to do our best always and keep progressing but let us make sure that we don’t put our trust in this progress as much as we put it on the only one that can bring change within our hearts

Consider with me today that if we are unable to find and see the Kingdom in the simple things of life then we will never be able to find them in those that seem elevated and complicated. Furthermore consider that the less “qualifications” and titles we rely on, the higher the likelihood of us not letting those things limit our communication and understanding. Consider also that to be a part of the Kingdom and have an opportunity to partner with God in something it is not necessary to reach a certain level of education or study. This is because God looks and is interested in addressing the heart instead of trying to impress the outward appearance, no matter how well dressed and qualified it appears to be.

When Yeshua told his disciples to travel lightly he was pointing to much more than just physical supplies on the outside. He was inviting them, like he did through the ones listening to his parables, to look within themselves for the answers. He knew that as they did that their bucket of discovery would eventually find the deep waters within their hearts and as it did it would not return void but would accomplish everything it was sent out to do.

Remember – The ego loves to complicate the simple and transforming flow of the heart.


Photo by Brian Blair

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