Walking on Water

I have visited the Sea of Galilee dozens of times. Each time I have had someone with me almost always the words “I must have a really long way to go yet as unlike Peter I have never walked on water” are uttered.

Over time as I heard these words over and over something began to be stirred within me. It was the kind of stirring I get every time I sense that something is not quite right with the assessment we are making from something that happened within scripture. Each time this stirring begins I ask Dad for clarity knowing that our current understanding of what God is trying to share with us is somehow falling short of what he intended for us to see.

You see, like you, I too have not been able to walk on a body of water though Dad knows I have tried so many times. Yet as I began to meditate on this amazing occurrence this last time while inside a boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, Dad spoke to me and said, “Pablo you have walked on water dozens of times”

This as you can imagine left me puzzled until understanding suddenly surfaced from my heart. There I was looking at the same body of water Yeshua walked on 2000 years ago when without notice I began to see that walking on water with Yeshua has nothing to do with a liquid we all know as water.

Take for example the moment you receive news that a loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer and that for the next six months they will be in a battle for their lives. Each day you travel through this period of time you will feel like you will be walking on water knowing that any moment the news that your loved one is not going to make it can come. Each day you will realize that the whole thing is beyond you and that only Dad has the power to remedy the situation as for you it is quite impossible. Inevitably you will of course have bad days where you will feel like you are drowning yet like with Peter, Yeshua will pull you up.

The reality is that it is not just a battle with cancer that will place you in the water of life. Things like receiving a bill that you are unable to pay. Or perhaps losing your job while having the responsibility to feed a whole family. Or being inside a plane that has just encountered a problem and it needs to go back and perform an emergency landing full of fuel as it just took off.  In each one of these situations from the moment they appear you step on the water and walk on it until the deliverance comes. Clearly you can try and stay in the boat and make it work for yourself, yet if you listen you will hear and see Yeshua inviting you to experience him in your life and circumstances much the same way like Peter did as he walked on the waters of the Galilee.

As we move forward let us remember that Peter was a man just like you and I. Walking on water didn’t make him better than us. It just made him realize, like the circumstances in our lives often do for us, that what matters is not the surface we are walking on but instead that we can somehow trust the one that has always had his hand extended out to us to keep us afloat and get us through.


Photo by Rissa Roe

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