You Cant Believe What You Cant See.

Over the years I have heard many times from the front the statement that in the Christian faith, unlike in the world, “believing is seeing”..but is it?

It is clear to me that through a clever twist of words from the well known saying “seeing is believing”  we have unfortunately once again trapped ourselves into a space where things have to begin with us and if the result is not accomplished then there is obviously something wrong with us. This of course is what appears to be the case on face value as what we are saying is that in order to see something materialize we have to first believe it. But do we?

Well, only the other day after I finished yet another 10 day retreat in Israel I spent several hours in stillness just contemplating about all that had happened in the hearts of those that had attended. As I sat there I once again felt extremely grateful to Dad for the privilege to yet again have the opportunity to see the faces of people in the moment when suddenly what they have known in their minds for years it is finally understood (seen) through the eyes of their hearts.

Each time without amiss what once was burdensome information in their minds suddenly becomes part of them and without effort it incorporates itself into their daily being bringing much needed freedom and rest. The bible is clear when it tells us that it is when we know the truth that we will then be set free.  I don’t know about you but for years I thought that the key to seeing this happen for me was in the statement that told me that I had to first believe it in order to know it and see it. Yet the harder I tried to believe it the further away this reality seemed to slip away from me. Is this happening to you too?

If it is then allow me to please share with you today that to know the truth we first need eyes to see it in action. This kind of seeing from the heart, not the mind, is what suddenly releases understanding into our being and it is that understanding that triggers the eternal change within us. We hear this said about the mind and how once it is stretched it never recedes back. Well with the heart is the same however unlike with the mind the heart isn’t stretched to store more information but instead it is freed to release understanding so it can breathe and live again. This new life is then what sharpens our eyes further so we are better able to see the truth that is responsible for keeping and continuing to set us free. It is also what begins to birth in our lives the fruits (results) we all so desperately seek through our performance which often comes at the expense of our heart.

Therefore it is very important that we understand that believing is not seeing unless the eyes that can see are awake and active first. Believing is the initial desire (mustard seed) that invites us into a journey with Dad where we know that there is more to what meets the eye and that to see it we need to first trust, not believe, in Him to release the ability from within us.

Always remember – believing is what leads to the space where the eyes are activated and not the change. Too many of us have spent and continue to spend endless hours trying to force ourselves to believe more, yet the more we try the less we can. This is because believing was never meant to be an effort driven exercise but instead an effortless ability that flows into our lives as we let go of the one where we first try so hard to make it happen.


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