Why We Cant Love What We Need

This week I continue to deal with the matters of the heart on The Zone Project Podcast where I share the discoveries I have made thus far that I believe are largely responsible for the unfulfilled need in so many of our daily lives.

All of our hearts come packed with several underlying premises that need to be met for us to live a healthy and happy life. When these are not met fully they create need in our lives which we often most of us look to things and others outside of us to fulfill. This means that our primary motivation is not to love others but instead to have our needs met. Things and people can not meet these needs. Only God can and will if we let him. Trying it the other way will only lead to broken relationships, faith, careers, and lives. I therefore invite you to join me on this episode where I once again share many discoveries that I believe also merit your attention as doing so will inevitably give you a realistic opportunity to experience moment by moment the happiness and peace we are all looking and longing for.

Once again as you listen please consider sharing this with your friends and family if you feel it has offered you value and the contents are likely to make a difference in their lives. Much of what I am doing these days is a direct and intentional attempt to enlarge the base which my work reaches and I am only too aware that this can only happen in part by this work being shared out by friends like yourself.

If you are not receiving these podcasts on a regular basis and you would like to or if perhaps you want to find out more about the work that I do and share with the world then please check out The Zone Project here:https://www.thezoneproject.com The Podcast is also available in both iTunes and Spotify where you can of course subscribe to be notified every time a new episode is released.

Finally once again thank you very much for listening and for your ongoing support with everything I continue to share with the World.


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