Praying Intimacy With God

On episode eight of The Zone Project Podcast I discuss, share, and open up the topic of Prayer. Last week I shared what I have discovered thus far about failure and success and so this week I thought it would be useful to open what often is responsible for enabling us to rise above the clutches of both of these impostors.

In this episode you will have the chance to hear what I have discovered over the last three decades of my life that has transformed both my prayer life and my heart. For many of us prayer is a laboring part of our faith that often feels more like a burden than a blessing to do it. This clearly comes down to how real God is to us and the awareness we have of his presence which leads to a place of intimacy within our hearts.

Zone Project PodcastHow you see God will very much determine your prayer life. This perspective of our Heavenly Father can only become healthier if we are transformed by experiencing Gods presence in our lives and not just his power, which is what so many of us are after. Take some time to open your heart and mind and allow yourself the luxury of being taken into a space where so much happens withing the current of Gods rest and unshakable peace. This is one part of your journey that sure posses within it the ability to literally shift the foundations of your life and the life of everyone around the world.

Once again as you listen please consider sharing this with your friends and family if you feel it has offered value and the contents are likely to make a difference in their lives. Much of what I am doing these days is a direct and intentional attempt to enlarge the base which my work reaches and I am only too aware that this can only happen in part by this work being shared out by friends like yourself.

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Finally once again thank you very much for listening and for your ongoing support with everything I continue to share with everyone out there.


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